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MAYO Communications wins Operation Blankets of Love FB contest


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MAYO Communications



MAYO Communications (MAYOPR.com)

Hamer Toyota manager delivers 2013 Van and stands for group shot for MAYO PR

Hamer Toyota delivers OBOL with 2013 Van after MAYO PR won FB contest of 100 cars for good. For all your award-winning Social Media visit: MAYOCommunications.com

(This story first appear on YAHOO.com.)

When you’re driving more than 600 miles a week to deliver much needed pet supplies to a half dozen animal shelters in California transportation is critical. Operation Blankets of Love got an early Christmas president, a 2013 Toyota Sienna Van with a GPS system this week from Hamer Toyota, Mission Hills, as part of the Toyota Cars for Good program. It replaces an old white van that kept breaking down.

“It important to give back to the community,” said Dave Gilman, general manager, Hamer Toyota, Mission Hills. “Our community supports us by getting their cars serviced here and buying vehicles. We believe it’s very important for Toyota to give back to their communities.”

Toyota awarded 100 vehicles over 100 days to 100 nonprofit organizations via a Facebook contest, where each charity had to produce a video and get their FB fans to vote on an assigned day.

“We provide aid and comfort to animals in shelters, in rescue groups and even wildlife sanctuaries,” explained Founder Eileen Smulson, Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL). “We collect old and new items like blankets, towels, portable shelter and we have received so much support that OBOL has become the Red Cross of animal shelters.”

OBOL serves some 60+ Animal Shelters rescuing about 1,000 animals per month at no charge.
The charity started out as an idea to provide a few blankets to the shelters, but when the Smulsons asked pet stores and friends to donate blankets and supplies, dozens became hundreds and now thousands of blankets and items are donated monthly.

Brad Smulson, OBOL’s driver, who receives the daily SOS calls from shelters and other animal rescue organizations, shouted out a “Big Thank You!” to all supporters and Facebook fans Online. Moments before receiving the keys to the Van, “We drive hundreds and hundreds of miles each week to deliver blankets, towels, comforters and food. We just want to thank Toyota, Hamer Toyota, all our community friends and MAYO Communications that supported our campaign.”

To donate or learn more about OBOL visit:Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OperationBlanketsOfLove .



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